Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
(7th Gen) laptop

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A technológia legjavát elváró profik a ThinkPad X1 termékcsaládot választják, nemcsak az innováció és a stílus, hanem a kompromisszumoktól mentes teljesítmény érdekében is. Az ultrakönnyű laptopoktól és 2 az 1-ben gépektől kezdve a szélsőséges teljesítményű eszközön át a világ első összehajtható számítógépéig, az X1-esek új szintre emelik az elvárásokat. A ThinkPad-ek megbízhatósága és biztonsága pedig a nevükből adódóan az alapfelszereltség része.


Wherever the road takes you

At 6% thinner than its predecessor, the X1 Carbon Gen 7 is only 14.9mm thin—or just a hair
more than a half inch—and it weighs only 1.09kg. This lightweight package reinvents
portability and untethers you from the office. With a battery life of up to 18.3 hours, and
Rapid Charge when you do need more juice, you can go wherever the road—or the sky—takes you*.
* Based on testing with MobileMark 2014. Battery life varies significantly with settings,
usage, and other factors.


Small package, big punch

Powered by 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and up to 16GB memory, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen
7 packs a lot of punch. The PCIe solid-state drive (SSD) delivers speedy performance sure to
boost your productivity.


Easy on the eyes

Whether you’re watching a video, Skyping across the world, or looking at graphics, the X1
Carbon Gen 7 features amazing visuals. Experience the cinematic 4K Dolby Vision™ panel with
high dynamic range technology—intricate details pop while shadows and textures become richer.
Or choose from several displays, including an FHD touchscreen, or an FHD panel with
PrivacyGuard for screen security.


Built for life's extremes

Like all ThinkPad laptops, the X1 Carbon Gen 7 is tested against 12 military-grade
requirements and more than 200 quality checks to ensure it runs in extreme conditions. From
the Arctic wilderness to desert dust storms, from zero gravity to spills and drops, you can
trust this laptop to handle whatever life throws your way.


A laptop as well-connected as you

When you’re out and about, the X1 Carbon Gen 7 can keep you online even when there’s no WiFi.
Choose the optional LTE-A card and the WWAN technology lets your laptop function like a
smartphone—where there’s cellular service you can always jump online. And you can trust that
your connection is secure.
*WWAN must be configured at time of purchase, as it’s not upgradeable.


We've got your back-and your front

Keep your business data—and your privacy—safe with the X1 Carbon Gen 7 laptop’s comprehensive
suite of ThinkShield security features. Its discrete Trusted Platform Module (dTPM) encrypts
data and works in conjunction with Windows 10 Pro security. ThinkShutter, a physical camera
cover, blocks the lens to ensure that you’re only seen when you want to be. And the
fingerprint reader uses biometrics to log you in with a simple touch.


For your eyes only

As part of ThinkShield security, we offer a combination of hardware and software that work
together to ensure what’s on your display is for your eyes only. PrivacyGuard is an
electronic privacy filter built into your system that decreases the angle of vision on your
display, such that only your eyes, when facing head-on, can see content. All others see a
darkened screen. PrivacyAlert* is an integrated software that works with the IR camera to
ensure that if others look over your shoulder, then a popup notifies you of the potential
*Requires the optional IR camera.

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